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Pursue the sustainable development of environmental friendliness and overall coordination. We not only consider the development requirements of the contemporary era, but also consider the needs of our future generations, because this is the historical responsibility of today's people to leave a good environment for our future generations.

Tongda group adheres to the principle of "harmony between products and environment, common progress between enterprises and society" in its business activities, and establishes and improves the environmental protection system of enterprises to meet the national standards and the health requirements of "three wastes".Therefore, there have been no pollution accidents in history.Especially in recent years, zigong pumps pay attention to safe production and environmental protection, increase technical investment, and promote progress in energy conservation and emission reduction:


◆  We have comprehensively promoted the technological transformation of the production line, cancelled the equipment with high energy consumption and low efficiency, updated the product process, and newly installed the advanced equipment such as CNC boring and milling machining center and resin sand production line, which has reduced the production cost. Consume electricity and improve the environment.


◆ Through continuous improvement and optimization, it has managed many key production technologies in the pump industry, further improved product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, the technical basis of low-carbon green industry has been established.



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