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    Product quality is the lifeblood of the survival of enterprises. In order to comprehensively control products in the production process, our company has established a 

quality assurance system based on ISO9001. In order to ensure the normal operation of the quality assurance system, our company has drawn dozens of people to participate in the inspection of products in every link of the production process.Quality inspection department has installed casting inspection, machining, inspection, paint inspection, maohan, outsourcing parts inspection, purchased parts, testing center, measurement, user service ten whole process quality management divisions are responsible for the daily production of comprehensive quality management, quality inspection department holds regular quality analysis will co-ordinate with other departments of quality management.

    In the product manufacturing process, our company resolutely implement "quality veto" one vote system, completely eliminate unqualified products into the next process.Specific operations are as follows:

   1. The production workshop shall implement the three-inspection system of "first check, first check, final check" in the spare parts process, and make corresponding records;

   2. When solving quality accidents, adhere to the three principles of "don't let go if the cause is not clear, don't let go if the responsible person is not clear, and don't let go if the solution is invalid".


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